Our Story

Forever on a quest for something better.   That is what led Woodstock Botanicals’ founder, Susan Bryg, to begin the journey to seek a lotion that was appearing to become elusive. 

Susan wanted a lotion that was not greasy, absorbed quickly and that was richly moisturizing.  Of course, it couldn’t have all of the ‘nasty’ stuff that you can’t pronounce in it.  It had to be fresh and as natural and skin-loving as possible.  

Many failed batches of lotion later and that perfect lotion continued to elude.

It was a lot of reading and research, a lot of hard work and a lot of trial and error.  Shea butter was too oily.  Olive oil was just too greasy.  Perseverance does pay off; and, finally, Woodstock Botanicals' painstakingly hand-crafted ‘Smooth and Silky’ lotion was born.



Having earned a minor degree in art while she was in college, the act of creating anything has always been a form of art for Susan.  From something as simple as a bar of soap to the award-winning images that were brought to life in her portrait photography studio, Susan has always been a seeker of beauty with meaning. 


Our cremes, lotions and lip balms have been designed to add life’s simple pleasures into the lives of each of us who need time to stop, rest and reflect all that we have to be grateful for.  

These products can be used and gifted with confidence.  You will enjoy the distinctive difference of unsurpassed craftsmanship.