Now is the time to begin to think about winter

Now is the time to begin to think about winter

August 22, 2018





It was almost 90 degrees in Woodstock, GA today; yet I know that it is coming.  Autumn will be here soon.  It is my favorite time of year.  I love all of the beauty that the change of seasons brings.

If we could just stay warm in our houses without all of the miserable cold and flu that accompany winter.  But, of course, for most of us, being sick and 'under the weather' has just become part of winter.  

Last year, it started for me as usual.  Sometime in November, I developed a nasty cold, or was it an allergic reaction to the seasonal tree pollen?   I really didn't know, but one thing that I was sure of:  all of that congestion from my very runny nose was getting into my chest.  

For years, the story has been the same:  congestion in my chest as the weeks turned into months of dry, non-productive coughing and my efforts to get up the 'crud' in my lungs seemed futile. 

Of course, that congestion evolved into chronic bronchitis which meant steroid inhalers, chest x-rays, many days in bed and pure misery.  You probably know the drill as well.

fresh elderberries

In earlier years, I had tried 'Mucinex' and other expectorants to no avail.  Nothing was getting it up.  And then I discovered elderberry tea.  

Winter of 2017-2018 was very different.  I made and drank a cup of elderberry tea 3-4 times a day.  Whenever I got something in my chest, with the least amount of effort, I was able to cough it up.  Instead of having lungs that were clogged with mucus and 'crud', they were clear.  WOW!  No more bronchitis.  No more incessant coughing that was weakening and debilitating.  

Yes, I was drinking a lot of the stuff, but it was making a huge difference for me and my health.

But why talk about this in late August?  Because I am not the only one who has discovered the amazing health-promoting benefits of elderberry tea.  There is a whole world out there of other 'peeps' who have learned about it as well.  

When I first ordered the berries last September, they were about $25 a pound.  As the season began to creep along, the price of elderberries began to change.  By mid-February, it was as high as $60 a pound.  I found that I needed about 3 pounds to make it through the winter.  Of course, that amount is different for each individual.

There is so much that you can do with elderberries.  You can make a delicious and very effective organic cough syrup out of it that even the pickiest child will love.   Then there is elderberry jam. Some folks even make little gummie bears that make great cough drops out of them.   

Google it.  See what I mean.  Elderberries are just another of the many gifts of healing and nutrition that God has given us through plants. 

For me, it was a game-changer.  Even at $60 a pound, it is a deal when I consider all that it has done for me, the cost of a doctor visit, etc.  But, of course, it is always better to pay much less for the little miracle berries which you can do now!

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